Small Tattoos Ideas for Men – Small Tattoos Designs for Guys


It is common to ink tattoo on your body and even triable, dragon tattoo, or other complex tattoos are some of those who are trending today. But not all people love to cover the whole body part with large tattoo design, and hence they look for small tattoo ideas. Even the younger generation and celebrities love to pick the small tattoos and meanings to ink, yes they are in trend now.

Tiny tattoos can also express the meaning of design and nature of person without so much effort and pain. And the best part is if you like to show it then you can put it on such body part where it is clearly visible and if you don’t then it can easily cover. So which are best small tattoos ideas for men? Here is the answer in this article. We have covered some of the best yet simple tattoo ideas for men. Have a look.

Small Tattoos Ideas for Men

Small Tattoo Ideas For Men

If you love body art but don’t want to overdo it, then small tattoos are the best option to pick. Some of the advantages include less pain, less time to ink, low cost and effort and if you want to transform it into other design it can be possible easily. Some of the common and cool simple tattoos for guys are leaves, flowers, names, rainbows, stars, religious symbols, and initials.

Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo for men

Stars are best small tattoos for men. Most of the time people get it as a single black-colored star, and sometimes people get three stars. Most of the time they inked in black color, but it can also fill with different color. These cool simple tattoos look best on the neck, ankle, back, shoulder blade or wrist or ankle.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo for men

Arrow tattoos are chosen by archers as well as some common peoples, too. There is an excellent choice and have meaning as well. With the arrow tattoo, you can get a heart tattoo or bow to gives an entirely different look. You can give it a detailed look or keep it simple and plain. It is done with black color and suitable on the fingers, wrist, and neck.

Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo for men

Cool small tattoos of a cross are another typical tattoos there is no shortage of religious extremists. People believe that cross tattoos provide protection. Christian takes it as a proof of their devotion. People also think that it gives an elegant yet rebellious look. It inked in black color mostly. The best place to put this tattoo is on the wrist.

Music Tattoos

Music Tattoos for men

Small tattoo designs of the music notation are best for the music lovers. You have seen the rock stars have to get it all over the body with colorful and vibrant tattoos incorporated with music notes. But if you are shy to express your love for music then cool small tattoo ideas of music are perfect for you. Those who believe in the healing power of music, it is best for them also. It inked with black color and suitable for lighter skin tone. For the small creative tattoos of music notation, the wrist is one of the ideal places.

Small Anchor Tattoos

Small Anchor Tattoos for men

Small anchors are opted by a sailor, those who love to travel and few others who love these little tattoo ideas. It looks excellent on the wrist. Anchors symbolize strong roots in terms of stability and perseverance, and hence it is chosen by many men. Black ink is ideal for it, and you can put it on the part of the body. If you are looking for small leg tattoos for guys, then you must have to consider this design. It is suitable on a wrist, neck and even fingers.

Small Elephant Tattoo

Small Elephant Tattoo for men

Small elephant tattoos are cute and small simple tattoos. For an artistic elephant outline, it needs creativity and elegant look. This tattoo symbolized loyalty, strength, and courage. So it gives you a new look and idea about your personality. Those who believe in independent and loyal life, this tattoo suited best for them. It is also for those who are strong from the outside but emotional from inside. The preferable Ink is Black and grey. Black used for outline and grey is used for coloring. The unique spot for this tattoo is behind the ear.

Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo for men

Feather is a small tattoo with meaning. It represents the freedom which is unparalleled. Yes, these tattoos are artistic and realistic with deep meaning and enigmatic. Look great on each part of the body, but it looks lovely on the shoulder as one can give an illusion of fallen feather at theirs. It can hide easily. The best ink for this tattoo depends on the feather you pick, but mostly used inks are black and brown as a base.

Anchor And Seahorse Tattoo

Anchor And Seahorse Tattoo for men

This small tattoos with meaning is an exciting design for those who want small body art or water symbol. It symbolized the vastness and diversity of the ocean. It can be done with small symbols with some shadings. Due to shading, these tattoos look like a pencil drawing with an artistic edge. If you want to give this tattoo a subtle look, then pick the muted colors like gray. One can get this on your fingers. It can incorporate with some exciting patterns.

Small Waves Tattoo

Small Waves Tattoo for men

This unique small tattoos of small wave style are best for any part, but the unique place for small waves tattoos are on the wrist. Due to its small size, it can easily hide, or you can switch the body parts if you don’t want it to be visible to others. Those who love to keep their memories of vacation the beach usually pick this style. It can be ink in various colors.

Compass Tattoo

compass Tattoos on Arms

If we look for one of the first compass tattoo ideas for men, then compass tattoos are one of those. It symbolized the direction so those who love to travel or live their life in their way, these unique small tattoos are perfect for them. Black and blue is ideal ink for this type of tattoos. Even one can incorporate shadings in it. The upper chest is the perfect sport for compass tattoos, but some people preferred this cool small tattoos for guys on the hands as well.


It is all about small tattoos ideas for men with meaning. We hope you like this collection made by us for you. What do you think? Share your views with us without a miss. Thank you!


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