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Searching for Cool tattoo ideas for men? In this article, we are going to share some of the best cool tattoos for men which you can have.

If you have decided to get a tattoo done, then you better educate yourself about the different types that are in trend today. To create that lasting impression on your crush you can try out any of the cool tattoos ideas that you will come across in this article. Then, the next step would be to decide which part of your body you want to get it inked, rather in which part it will look the best. This cool tattoo guide will prove to be a great help even in this matter. The most common parts of the men’s body where tattoos are popularly drawn are the forearms, the chest, upper arms the back of the neck, etc. While selecting a tattoo design go for one which is not only meaningful but aesthetically pleasing too.

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Cool Tattoos for Men

Cool Tattoos for Men

#1 Bold Wolf Tattoo

Bold Wolf Tattoo for Men

If you are as courageous as a wolf then this tattoo is for you. The tattoo is inked in black depicting a wolf gulping down a whole skull. Every detail of the fur on its head give the tattoo that energetic vibe. It is for someone who is courageous and knows how to achieve what he wants. It can be etched on the left chest.

#2 Urban Life Tattoo

This tattoo brings out today’s urban lifestyle. It portrays a balance between the chaotic yet comfortable urban environment. The subtle touch of blue along with black adds life to it. The high-rise building along with the clock tower looks best when inked on the upper part of your forearm.

#3 Vibrant Tattoo

Vibrant Tattoo for Men

Does color fascinate you? Then you should definitely give a try to this tattoo that gives you a chance to show off your skin. If you are a fan of comic characters then you will surely love this vibrant and colorful that depicts the story of some cartoon character. It looks great when inked on the open body of your body down the neck, till the waist and spreading down the hands.

#4 Rose and Skull Tattoo

Rose and Skull Tattoo for men

This cool tattoo for men is for the romantic types. It brings out both the soft and crude side of love. Here, you will find a distorted skull inside a fully bloomed bright red rose with 4-5 dark green leaves. This can act as a great ornament for your neck exposing your inner soft side. It looks excellent on the left side of the neck crawling up behind the ears.

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#5 Mythical Creature Tattoo

Mythical Creature Tattoo for men

If you really believe on the mythical creatures then you will surely enjoy getting this tattoo inked. In the center of the neck, there is a mythical bird flying with its wings spread and all over the chest area and arms, you will come across a lot other such interesting characters of the mythical period. Even on your face, just near the right ear, there is a character of a mythical goddess. It is really colorful with a lot of detailing. Overall, it is one of the cool tattoo ideas for guys.

#6 The Creepy Skeleton Tattoo

The Creepy Skeleton Tattoo for men

Do you love to scare people at the first site then get this spine-chilling skeleton tattoo etched. It would look perfect at the center of the inside of the neck where you will see blood shedding from a fresh wound and two skeletons dangling from that open would. Isn’t it creepy? The great detailing in blue and red colors is definitely worth mentioning.

#7 Spiritual Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoo for men

When it comes to some cool tattoo ideas for men who are spiritual, then this works just perfect for them. It has the famous Ying-Yang and overall portrays a symbolic meaning. This colorful tattoo looks just perfect when inked on the left side of the neck moving down towards the upper chest.

#8 Mysterious Soul Tattoo

If you prefer tattoos with less touch of colors and love the shadow effect then give this one a try. It portrays a typical skeleton motif on the chest area of an owl with other random symbols which has some or the other meaning. The precise shadow work brings out its beauty.

#9 Vinci Code Tattoo

Vinci Code Tattoo for men

For this tattoo, you need a lot of dedication. It is really vibrant and colorful with a lot of detailing. Only if you are a die heart fan of Vinci Code or Vikings, then this is a definite try for you. What you will love about this tattoo is its asymmetric concept. Try it on your upper chest area and hands for that cool effect.

#10 Bi-colored Shadowed Tattoo

If you are looking for something simple then try this bi-colored tattoo which can bring out your gentleness. Even though it is simple, it says a lot. You will love its shadow work. It looks cool on the arms.

The trending colors used to bring life your cool tattoos

Be it a cool tattoo for men or women, the colors needs to be selected carefully. Though mostly, the cool tattoos are done in black, you will also come across many colored ones too. The arrows, tribal arts and geometrical patterns are mostly inked in black. You need to talk clearly to your tattoo artist regarding the selection of colors before you finally get it etched. With their rich experience in this field, they will be the best person to guide you regarding the color combination for cool tattoos. The right color contrast can actually enhance its overall look and make it even more attractive.

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